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Light rays focus behind the retina.
Blurry vision when looking at close objects, clear vision when looking at distant objects.

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What is Hyperopia? 

Hyperopia is a condition in which the eye focuses light rays behind the retina, which results in difficulty in keeping a clear vision. The hyperopic eye usually cannot see well at close distances, while vision is good when looking far away; in some cases, distant vision might be impaired. The causes of hyperopia are usually genetic and are usually due to a “short” eye or a flatter than normal cornea.

Hyperopia Laser 

The hyperopia correction with hyperopia laser performed in eyeclinic will allow you to have clear vision both close and in the distance, in a quick and effective way. The procedure lasts only a few minutes and eyesight is restored immediately.

Hyperopia Laser with femtosecond laser lasik 

The ultramodern, bladefree femtosecond laser system we use here at EyeClinic needs no scalpel, but uses a pulse laser to perform a precise initial incision in order for the convexity of the cornea to be subsequently corrected. The absolute precision and safety of this method, in combination with the patient's comfort render it the perfect and most advanced solution for laser hyperopia correction.

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