fakoi1A new treatment of keratoconous which has also the advantage of being non-invasive seems to be winning the international ophthalmological community as it seems to be stabilizing the structure of the cornea and decreases the loss of eyesight. Instrastromal corneal rings are small implants that have in the past been used in refractive surgery, but recently they have also been applied to keratoconus as well.

intacs-ringsThe implants are made of plastic and are placed with a microsurgery that lasts for about 15mins in the cornea. They are positioned in the periphery of the cornea and outside the optical zone of the cornea. With this insert we achieve a mechanical strengthening of the cornea and an increase in the bonds between the collagen fibers of the cornea.  This corrects the shape of the cornea and subsequently the eyesight of the patient, however the patient must continue to use corrective eye glasses.





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