ALLEGRETTO EX-500 REFRACTIVE LASER & FS-200 FEMTOSECOND LASER-ALCON/WAVELIGHT Allegretto Excimer Laser Technology Platform 500Hz & FS-200 Femtosecond Laser Technology:

Eyeclinic's gem, recognized worldwide as the top Excimer Laser with the most advanced technical features, the fastest Laser source at 500Hz that reduces treatment time (less than two seconds per diopter) and performs quick refractive procedures. It has the fastest and most precise Eye Tracker with a reaction time of 2 ms (millisecond), it is able to track eye movements of all dimensions and recalibrates all the laser shots according to the micromovements of the eye, thus correcting the entire optical zone in a precise and uniform way. Because of its advanced technology, it incorporates OLCR online non-contact pachymetry, perfect for safe, real-time control of the thickness of the flap and the tissue that remains before the start of the treatment, as well as the changes in the thickness of the cornea, with continuous measurements before, during and after the procedure. Allegretto EX-500 transcends its role and is capable of increasing and reducing the thermal load on the cornea, creating an even smoother sculpting of the ocular surface, in combination with the revolutionary pulse technology of the FS-200 Femtosecond laser (creation of a smooth and very thin flap without the use of a blade). It is the new generation of correction for myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, and corneal surface deterioration.




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