Cataract Surgery 

Offers a full field of vision.
Minimizes dependence on prescription glasses, reading glasses and bifocals included.
Improves everyday activities.

How does cataract develop? 

Cataract is a haze of the natural lens inside the eye. This lens, which is found behind the iris (the colored part of the eye) is capable of moving and changing shape, so that it can function exactly like the lens of a camera, by focusing bright images on the retina, which, in turn, sends them to your brain.



Cataract – Symptoms 

Dimming of bright colors.
Halos around lights.
Difficulty in reading under low light conditions.
Blurry or double vision.
Frequent change in eyeglass prescription.



Who develops cataract? 

Almost every person will develop cataract as time progresses. Typically, some people around 50 or 60 years of age and most over 70 have cataract in some degree.


Cataract: Treatment Options

Cataract Surgery


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